Petrochemical Maintenance & Repairs

In-Situ set the standards in this harsh and demanding industry sector with an arsenal of proven on-site machining techniques and the most technologically advanced machining equipment on the market. Few can match our commitment to provide emergency machining solutions that reduce downtime and unplanned lost production whilst maintaining our responsibility to providing the highest safety standards. From leaking flanges, through to machining of compressor crankshaft journals, In-Situ has a specialist machining solution to support our clients in their time of need.

Typical Jobs

Orbital machining for motor shafts, gearbox shafts, fan shafts
and journals
Compressor shafts & cylinder block repairs/refurbishment
Line boring of bedplates
Coupling hole machining
Metal Stitching repairs to
broken and damaged Cast
Iron & Cast Steel Components
Milling of engine mounts,
casing faces, pads,
seating faces and beams

Relatable Services

Crankpin Machining
Journal Machining
Engine Line Boring
Line Boring General
Liner Landing Machining
Metal Stitching
Main Bearing

Case Studies

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