Machining of All Crankpins on a Commodore Clipper MAK 9M 32

In-Situ Machining Solutions takes pride in revolutionising the field of offshore marine repairs. As pioneers in the industrial machinery repair industry, we bring unparalleled expertise to every project, especially when it comes to crankpin machining.

The Clients Challenge

A client contracted us to undertake the urgent inspection of an MAK 9M 32 Crankshaft during the 12-hour stoppage of a vessel. After the inspection findings, it was agreed by all parties involved that the crankpin journal fell outside of OEM specification for flatness and wear and required machining.

Our Successful Solution

Our expert engineers revisited the vessel during a three-week stoppage to undertake the machining works for all 9 off crankpin journals on a 24-hour working pattern. The work entailed machining down each of the crankpins to the first undersize bearing (0.50mm undersize) and finishing in line with OEM specifications. Representatives from the OEM were called in to inspect the work, pass it off and re-build the engine post-machining.

The Engine was located on a passenger ferry, and the repair was time-sensitive as the vessel must be stripped, machined and re-built in the three-week stoppage. In-Situ deployed four engineers working on a 24-hour working pattern due to the urgent nature of the repair and completed the works in 11 Calendar days.

Works began immediately machining 0.5mm from the 9 off 280mm Crankpin journal diameters. Machining of the diameters was shortly followed by re-cutting of the fillet radii and oil hole radii, ensuring that they conform to manufacturer tolerances.

After completing all of the machining works, superfinishing of all of the crankpin journal diameters was completed to ensure the journal remained flat, leaving between 0.10mm and 0.07mm in diameter to finish polishing the journal.

Long Lasting Results

All fillet radii were then polished to the required surface finish, and all journal diameters were machine-polished to achieve a surface finish of 0.25 Ra Um or better. All crankpins were machined parallel to the axis of the crankshaft within OEM specifications.

As previously stated, the crankpin journals were inspected by an OEM representative and passed off prior to the engine pre-re-build cleaning protocols. To the delight of the client and the asset owner, all works were completed ahead of the 14 Calendar day schedule to allow the vessel to make an early return to operation.


International Crankpin Machining Service from In-Situ Machining Solutions

What sets In-Situ Machining Solutions apart is our adaptability. We understand the unique challenges that arise in offshore environments, and our onsite machining service is specifically designed to cater to these demands. Regardless of your location, we have the flexibility and expertise to serve clients worldwide with precision and efficiency.

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