Mining Equipment Repair & Maintenance

Maintaining a plant within the Mining, Mineral and Machinery sector comes with a whole host of challenges. Meeting daily production targets, operating on a tight maintenance budget and availability of skilled labour are to name a few. In-Situ are a specialist engineering company that can provide machining solutions for planned and unplanned repairs & failures to process & plant equipment, power generation equipment and heavy machinery. For two decades, the experience and specialist skills of the In-Situ teams have proved invaluable to our global client base within the industry, working around the clock to ensure all planned and unplanned maintenance works are completed effectively and efficiently with minimal downtime.

Typical Jobs

Shaft & Journal repairs
Crusher & Rotary Table Re-Machining
Boring of bearing housings & gearboxes
Re-Grinding of Kiln tyres & Support Rollers
Milling of bedplates, Frames, seating pads and joint faces
Metal Stitching repairs to broken and damaged Cast Iron & Cast Steel Components
Grinding, machining, heat treatment and straightening of crankshafts and main bearing journals
Top & Bottom Liner landing Repairs
Coupling hole machining
Slip ring machining services

Relatable Services

We work across several different industries and we provide a 24/7 worldwide service for our clients.
Crankpin Machining
Journal Machining
Engine Line Boring
Line Boring General
Liner Landing Machining
Metal Stitching
Main Bearing

Case Studies

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