Oil & Offshore Machinery Repair

At In-Situ, our client base covers a broad range of industries, including offshore companies. Because of this, we understand the harsh and challenging environment our clients within the oil and offshore sectors must operate in. That is why we ensure all our team members are not just experts at maintaining offshore machinery, but they are fully aware of the unique environmental factors of working in these environments.

Benefits of On-site Offshore Repair

Minimising downtime: Any equipment failure or breakdown can result in costly downtime and lost production time. On-site machine repairs can help minimise downtime by addressing issues quickly and efficiently, reducing the impact on production.

Reducing costs: Offshore facilities are often located in remote locations, making it more expensive to ship equipment for repairs. On-site machine repairs can help reduce costs associated with equipment failure, as it can be less expensive to repair equipment on-site rather than shipping it offsite for repairs or replacement.

Improving safety: Offshore facilities face a variety of safety hazards, and a malfunctioning machine can pose a significant risk to workers. On-site machine repairs can help address these issues quickly, minimising the risk of accidents or injuries.

Ensuring equipment reliability: Regular on-site machine repairs can help ensure that equipment is operating at peak performance, reducing the risk of future breakdowns and prolonging the lifespan of the equipment.

Maintaining regulatory requirements: Offshore facilities are subject to strict regulatory requirements, and maintaining equipment in good working condition is a key component of compliance. On-site machine repairs can help ensure equipment meets regulatory requirements, avoiding fines and penalties.

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Typical Jobs

Below are a range of jobs that can occur on a regular basis within this industry Sector. In-Situ have the capability to provide assistance with any of these jobs or any other on-site machining repairs that are required.
Shaft & Journal repairs
Boring of bearing housings & gearboxes
Milling of bedplates, Deck plates, Frames, seating pads and joint faces
Metal Stitching repairs to broken and damaged Cast Iron & Cast Steel Components
Grinding, machining, heat treatment and straightening of crankshafts and main bearing journals
Top & Bottom Liner landing Repairs
Coupling hole machining
Slip ring machining services
Boring of 'A' Frames and Gantry Frames
Drilling of broken Studs and components

Oil Rig Repair

On-site oil rig machine repairs are essential for maintaining quotas, general productivity and eliminating disruptive downtime.

Mechanical repairs involve repairing or replacing oil machinery parts and engine components, transmissions, or other mechanical systems. This may include rebuilding engines (including engine line boring and metal stitching), replacing belts or pulleys, repairing damaged gears or bearings after ridge wear has occurred or any additional elements of oil rigs and other offshore facilities.

Welding and fabrication services will be needed to repair or fabricate new components of equipment or machinery to replace irreparably damaged parts. This may involve welding, repairing metal components, or fabricating custom parts to fit specific equipment needs.

Our business operates under recognised management systems ISO 9001 for Quality Management, ISO 14001 for environmental management, and OHSAS 18001 for Occupational Health and Safety Management to ensure that our team and yours are protected during maintenance operations.

Exceptional Adaptability

Our complete understanding of urgency, cost, safety and environmental challenges within the sector has allowed In-Situ Machining Solutions to tailor our specialist services to provide effective support to some of the biggest corporations within the industry.

From major exploration companies to service providers and OEMs, In-Situ Machining solutions provide planned and unplanned 24-hour machining repairs to various plant, vessels, and power generation systems related to these remote industrial facilities.

The knowledge, understanding and support services we provide to the industry have gained In-Situ Machining Solutions an excellent reputation for being known as one of the market-leading companies for on-site offshore repair.

International Machine Repair Services From In-Situ Machining Solutions

Our team comprises experts in offshore machinery repair, so they can adapt to any operation or environment. This includes a range of beneficial processes such as:

We design unique in-house equipment and machining tools for your location and will make sure that your repaired components maintain their required tolerances from their initial manufacture whilst significantly reducing the downtime of the associated machine.

Contact us to discover how our highly effective on-site machining processes will benefit your oil rig repair or any other offshore repair needs.

Relatable Services

We work across multiple different industries, providing our clients with a 24/7 worldwide service. Below are a selection of services that are relatable to this industry.
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