Defence Asset Repair

In-Situ have supported the defence sector for many years on various on-site project. Projects have ranged from small modifications to military vehicle chassis right through to large scale machining repairs on Military Vessels. Our high quality standards, technical experience and cost effectiveness make us an ideal partner to work with for various types of modification and repairs to naval surface vessels, submarines, support vessels and military vehicles whilst under construction or during major refit periods.
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Typical Jobs
Below are a range of jobs that can occur on a regular basis within this industry Sector. In-Situ have the capability to provide assistance with any of these jobs or any other on-site machining repairs that are required.
Boring of Bearing
housings & gearboxes
Coupling hole machining
Engine repairs, bedplate boring, crankshaft machining, top & bottom landing refurbishment
Phalanx seating faces
Antenna Seating faces
Watertight door/manway faces
Milling, Boring and drilling of
military vehicle chassis
Radar seats and masts
Orbital machining for Propeller
Shafts and thrust faces
Line boring of rudder stocks, stern tubes and engine bedplates

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We work across multiple different industries, providing our clients with a 24/7 worldwide service. Below are a selection of services that are relatable to this industry.
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