Power Generation Repair

From small power generation sets right through to large steam turbines, In-Situ has supported the power generation Industry for decades. With an ever growing global demand for power, the importance of providing a consistent supply has never been greater. Supporting OEMS, Operators and service providers on new build, maintenance and emergent repairs is at the heart of our services. During outages and downtime, completing repairs in the shortest possible timeframe is essential. Our experience and technical expertise combined with a tailor made service working around the clock will ensure our clients assets are back in service in the shortest possible time.

Typical Jobs

Grinding, machining, heat treatment and straightening of crankshafts and main bearing journals
Orbital machining of turbine bearing journal diameter
Machining of turbine casings – Line boring of casing or milling of joint face
Machining of alternator shafts
Top & Bottom Liner landing Repairs
Coupling hole machining
Metal Stitching repairs to broken and damaged Cast Iron & Cast Steel Components
Milling of engine mounts, entablature faces, pads, seating faces and beams
Slip ring machining services

Relatable Services

We work across several different industries and we provide a 24/7 worldwide service for our clients.
Crankpin Machining
Journal Machining
Engine Line Boring
Line Boring General
Liner Landing Machining
Metal Stitching
Main Bearing

Case Studies

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