On-Site Milling

On-Site Milling

Pads, joint faces, seating faces, beams, columns, keyways, frames, casings and slots are all areas in which In-Situ can support with our specialist milling operations. A high tolerance keyway, right through to a large flat seating area, with highly skilled and motivated technicians with the ability to travel worldwide equipped with our in-house designed, modular milling machines allows major components to remain on-site and in place whilst repaired or modified. A range of specialist interchangeable milling equipment can be prepared to meet the specific requirements of each individual job, meaning a cost effective engineering solution can be found to support our clients whilst minimising downtime.

Our milling slides can not only be used to insert precision slots or create flat surfaces but can also be using in conjunction with our portable drilling and tapping heads to allow for precious drilling, reaming and tapping of holes. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in machining and on-site applications, our design and technical department have the ability to offer our clients bespoke solutions for any on-site milling project. Through a process of design, manufacture and development, In-Situ are able to offer world class milling options to our clients in any situation.

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