Engine Liner Replacement

Liner Landing Machining

Extreme wear and/or damage to Upper and Lower landing seal areas of large generator, diesel/gas engines and compressors can mean costly replacement and downtime. Over many years, In-Situ have designed, developed and perfected a specialised boring and facing system to allow asset owners an alternate solution to replacement components.

In-Situ Machining Solutions (UK) Ltd have the expertise to reinstate damage to these areas of the cylinder blocks caused by engine failure, severe wear or fretting corrosion to give ‘as new’ repair results.
With multiple repair options available including make-up sleeves/rings, inserted with interference fits to thermal spraying and selective plating, In-Situ has a solution to suit all engine types.

Repairs can take multiple forms dependent upon the level of damage and the OEM’s recommended procedures. Ranging from a light skimming of the Upper landing seal faces in the case of lightly worn surfaces through to re-boring and facing of the sealing surfaces to allow the introduction of make-up sleeves which are usually a shrink or press fit into the newly machined bores or faces for severely damaged or worn landing bores.

In the event that the cylinder leaks water into the crank bays with inevitable damage the crankshaft and mating parts, In-Situ are ideally paced to assist with all associated crankshaft repairs. If broken parts or fracture occur in these seal areas, our advanced stitching system can be employed to rectify the problem and in conjunction with the make-up sleeve insertion procedure has proved invaluable and a very cost effective repair solution to OEM’s and equipment owners alike.

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