Ridge Wear Repair / Cam Effect

Ridge Wear Repair

Orbital Machining for Cam Wear

In-Situ Machining Solutions (UK) Ltd excels in orbital machining, a service critical in preventing bearing failures on crankshafts. We employ modern techniques to repair damaged crankpin diameters and address ridge wear or "cam effect" before causing irreversible harm to the engine.
Our trained on-site engineers masterfully prevent crankshaft bearing failures and correct ridge wear. Their proficiency in orbital turning, machining, grinding, superfinishing, and polishing - all carried out with our bespoke equipment - minimises engine downtime. Timely intervention on signs of cam wear significantly reduces resultant damage and crankshaft failure risks.

Identifying and Reversing Ridge Wear

Ridge wear, or Cam Wear, is an inevitable outcome of prolonged usage, particularly beyond 60,000 operational hours for medium-speed four-stroke engines. Poor maintenance and oil impurities may accelerate this process. Manifesting as a raised band around the crankpin diameter, ridge wear signals upcoming crankshaft wear and potential bearing failure.
Typically affecting all big end journals on the crankshaft, this issue can be addressed via crankshaft polishing or grinding. Left untreated, it disrupts the recommended flatness for the crankpin journal surface, leading to big end failure and increasing repair costs and productivity loss. Ultimately, unchecked ridge wear can cause catastrophic bearing failures and permanent crankshaft damage and can even compromise conrods and the engine block.

Ridge Wear Repair

This phenomenon develops over time and manifests itself in an uneven wear pattern that is, with the right tools, easily detectable as a protruding band (“cam”) that goes around the circumference of the crank pin. It usually only develops on engines equipped with grooved bearing shells and its development is a function of time. The more impurities (abrasive particles) the lubricating oil contains, the faster the cam effect develops.

The two major makers of medium-speed diesel engines, MAN Diesel & Turbo and Wärtsilä, have booth-issued Service Letters to inform their customers.

Relatable Industries

We at In-Situ, are proud of our services, supporting a broad range of industries and providing vital on-site machining needs for our clients 24/7. Below is a range of the various sectors of industry that our services are utilised.
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