Renewables Repair

The Renewable Energy sector has been a developing market for In-Situ, with strong growth over recent years. With an ever increasing focus on greener energy and the sharp increase in construction projects globally, OEM’s and operators are under greater pressure to increase efficiency and reduce downtime and cost. In-Situ Machining offer a machining understands these pressures and works with OEM’s/Operators to provide a engineered support service that ensures assets are returned back to service in the shortest time possible, having received the highest quality repairs. On-site machining services are offered for solar, hydro, wave / tidal, biofuels, onshore and offshore wind energy generation projects. Due to our history of innovation and our ability to create bespoke in-situ machining solutions for our customers, we are well placed to support all stages in asset life cycle: fabrication, installation, maintenance and decommissioning. In a constantly evolving sector, In-Situ help to bring new ideas and machining solutions for projects to reality.

Typical Jobs

Machining of Guide Vane units
for hydro turbines
Gear ring tooth replacement
on Wind Turbines
Offshore monopile /
transition piece machining
Wind Turbine Rotor Blade Machining
Wind Turbine Tower Flange Machining
Pile / Monopile foundations

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