On-site machining work has recently been undertaken to modify the bores of agitator vessels to enable the assembly of the drive motor system after it was found that difficulty was encountered in fitting the motors due to the bores being produced undersize and offset to the pitch circle of the holding down bolt holes.

Up to four millimetres was machined from the 300mm diameter x 150mm deep stainless steel motor access bores to allow clearance for the drive motors to be fitted concentric to the ring of bolt holes.

Equipment used by In-Situ Machining Solutions was one of the company’s multi-function drilling, boring and facing machines which was urgently adapted to suit the dimensions of the agitator vessels flange configuration.

The work was carried out on behalf of a well established process equipment designer and manufacturer who were installing a new multi million pound processing facility in the south west of the UK. This urgent work was completed in the scheduled two day long shifts and to the total satisfaction of our customer.

In-Situ Machining Solutions (UK) Ltd. have a dedicated team of engineering and on site machining personnel to cover most in-situ machining scenarios and respond to urgent and or planned maintenance situations.

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