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The modern day challenges facing the transportation industry have become clear. Rail & Ferry operators are expected to operate more efficiently, maintain safety and service quality, meet demanding passenger needs and achieve more with an ever shrinking maintenance budgets. After years of servicing the industry with emergency and bespoke machining repairs, In-Situ have gained an understanding of these demands and have tailored our service offer the best possible solutions to our clients. From machining repairs to large diesel and gas engines through to preventative maintenance modifications on frames, hinges and even tracks, In-Situ can support on an emergency basis or on a planned maintenance schedule.
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Typical Jobs

Below are a range of jobs that can occur on a regular basis within this industry Sector. In-Situ have the capability to provide assistance with any of these jobs or any other on-site machining repairs that are required.
Grinding, machining, heat treatment and straightening of crankshafts and main bearing journals
Orbital machining for Propeller Shafts and thrust faces
Top & Bottom Liner landing Repairs
Bogie frame machining
Line boring of ‘A’ Frames, hinge pins, rudder stocks, stern tubes, pintle bores and engine bedplates
Metal Stitching repairs to broken and damaged Cast Iron & Cast Steel Components
Milling of engine mounts, entablature faces, pads, seating faces and beams
Stud Removal Services
Steam cylinder bore machining
Upper and Lower Liner Landing Machining

Relatable Services

We work across multiple different industries, providing our clients with a 24/7 worldwide service. Below are a selection of services that are relatable to this industry.
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