Date: 11 May 2020

What is an engine crankshaft?

A crankshaft is the component of an engine that consists of a rotating shaft, which is used to convert the reciprocating motion of pistons into rotational motion. Crankshafts are most commonly found in internal combustion engines and include four different parts: main journals, crankpins, crank webs and counterweights. If you want to know ‘how crankshaft works’ here we give some simple answers.

What is a crankshaft?

An engine crankshaft is the main revolving component of an engine. It sits within a combustion engine, on top of the engine block, connected to the pistons via connecting rods. The combination of pistons, connecting rods, and crankshaft are what create the 'crank' mechanism.

There are two different types: monolithic crankshafts and assembled crankshafts. The former is used in multi-cylinder engines and the latter can be found in motorbike engines. Usually, most crankshafts are made from iron, forged steel, or steel alloys.

What type of engines use crankshafts?

All engines feature a crankshaft including ships, aeroplanes, trains, and cars.

What are the signs that a car's crankshaft is damaged?

If your vehicle's crankshaft position sensor is faulty or there are problems with the wiring, the crankshaft signal could cut out, whilst the engine is running resulting in your engine stalling. Wiring problems and faulty crankshaft position sensors are two common issues.

Watch out for the below warning signs:

- Problems when trying to start a vehicle
- Complete engine failure
- The vehicle is stalling and you don’t know why
- The check engine light is illuminated

What type of services may be needed for commercial crankshaft repairs?

Grinding, machining, heat treatment and straightening of crankshafts and main bearing journals are all common services that need to be carried out in both private and commercial vehicles. For example, a bent crankshaft in a ferry is a common cause of engine failure. Take a look at how we dealt with this emergency when a ferry's crankshaft became bent [].

Need a crankshaft repair service?

After many years of servicing the industry with emergency and bespoke machining repairs, In-Situ has developed an excellent reputation in the industry and has been able to tailor our services to offer expert solutions.

We are a trusted first point of call for emergency breakdowns and have experience dealing with a number of complex cases. We are on call 24/7, 365 days a year to help you should a disaster strike. Our machining expertise covers crankpin machining, journal machining and more.

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