Date: 22 January 2024

On-Board Precision Machining for the Marine Industry

In the marine and offshore industry, vessels and facility machinery face many challenges. These relate to the unforgiving and corrosive maritime environment, the constant exposure to harsh weather, and vibrating machinery under strenuous workloads. As a result, marine components erode, fatigue, and wear prematurely, often leading to costly downtime and repairs.

Read on to discover how our expert team keeps many international marine businesses operational with our on-site offshore repair service.

Marine Challenges: Addressing Dynamic Load Conditions

Vessels and their propulsion systems experience fluctuating and asymmetric loads under different operating conditions. This creates a need for regular alignment checks, machining, and repair, all of which demand on-board precision machining solutions. We have seen the consequences of these dynamic load conditions and work diligently to restore marine equipment to optimal functionality.

Reducing Mechanical Wear

Mechanical wear on moving components leads to system malfunctions and costly downtime. On-site machining proves essential for refurbishing damaged or worn parts on-site to alleviate this issue. We ensure continuity of operations, reducing the need for constant replacements and adhering to high-quality standards set by manufacturers and regulatory bodies.

On-Site Machining Types: Our Expertise Offshore

Our expert engineers provide a wide array of services with our on-site machining equipment, each meticulously tailored to meet the stringent demands of the marine industry. Our commitment to exceptional service quality is manifested in our precision machinery and highly skilled team of field engineers.

Align Boring and Crankpin Machining

The foundation of a functional marine engine lies in the perfect alignment of its main bearing journals. Over many cycles of loading, these journals may shift out of alignment or sustain damage, necessitating precise re-machining.

Our vast experience combined with our compact, portable alignment boring and laser alignment equipment consistently results in accurate and efficient servicing, even in the most demanding marine environments. This service extends to crankpin machining, helping restore engines to their optimal condition.

Metal Stitching Repairs

Our state-of-the-art metal stitching techniques repair damaged or cracked components without the need for costly replacements or extensive downtime. The process entails no major heat input, thereby preserving the original properties of the affected material. The risk of distortion or altered material properties – a major concern in marine applications – is virtually eliminated.

Line Boring

Machinery beds, rotating machinery bases, stern tubes, rudder bores, and A-frame support bores are only a few examples of components that benefit from our line boring services. By re-establishing the correct alignment of machine bearings and bores within these systems, we greatly enhance operational efficiency and longevity.

Advantages of On-board Marine Repair and Machining

Choosing mobile marine repair offers significant benefits. Our services reduce downtime, enabling a quick return to operations and decreasing lost income. Our solutions deliver financial savings by avoiding the costly replacement of components. By eliminating the need for part shipping or off-site repairs, we also facilitate improved operational efficiency, saving both time and resources.

Essential Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance and repair form the backbone of vessel longevity. Our on-board precision machining plays a pivotal role in ensuring structural integrity, optimal performance, and the safety of marine components. The result is long-serving and reliable vessels.

Adapting Equipment for Marine Needs

We do not believe in a 'one size fits all' approach and adapt our modular equipment and processes to specific marine environments and challenges. As a testament to our resilience and adaptability, we develop bespoke machining solutions that address definite requirements with precision and accuracy.

Examples of Our Team's Successes: The Commodore Clipper Case

In one particular case, we received a call to inspect an MAK 9M 32 Crankshaft during a vessel’s twelve-hour stoppage. The crankpin journal fell outside of OEM specifications for flatness and wear, requiring immediate attention. Rising to the challenge, we returned to the vessel during a subsequent three-week stoppage to carry out the machining works on all nine of the crankpin journals.

The project was time-sensitive, so we deployed a team of four engineers, working round the clock due to the urgent nature of the repair. Our dedicated team completed the necessary work in just eleven calendar days, well ahead of the three-week time limit. Each crankpin was machined down to the first undersize bearing (0.50mm undersize) and finished in line with OEM specifications.

All journal diameters were machine-polished to achieve a surface finish of 0.25 Ra Um or better, with all crankpins machined parallel to the axis of the crankshaft within OEM specifications. The OEM representatives inspected and approved the work, and the engine was rebuilt post-machining. The result? An early return to operation for the ferry, much to the delight of our client and the vessel’s owner.

On-site Marine or Offshore Repair at In-Situ Machining Solutions

We strive to stand at the forefront of advancements in in-situ machining services for the marine industry, continually expanding our capabilities to meet the dynamic needs of our customers with cost-effective and tailored on-site machining solutions. Contact us to discuss what problems we will solve for your marine vessel or offshore facility.

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