Date: 20 February 2020

Everything you need to know about journal machining

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Have you heard the term journal machining but are unsure exactly what it means? We explore everything you need to know about journal machining, including what it entails and what are its benefits.

What is journal machining?

The term machining is used to represent multiple different operations, including drilling, turning and grinding. Shaft and journal repair are common machining solutions and are referred to as journal machining.

How does journal machining work?

The first stage of journal machining involves a failure assessment and inspection, where an expert will complete multiple services to test the efficiency of the machinery. Next, the severity and general condition of the journal will be assessed, to help the expert create a plan of action to repair or restore the machine. The plan of action may include processes such as hardness testing, tolerance checks, and exploratory grinding.

Why is Journal Machining important?

Journal Machining is a highly skilled technique used to remove any damage to a journal diameter caused by wear or failure. Journal machining can also restore specific OEM tolerances to the diameter and seal/wiper area of a machine. For example, equipment that rotates often wears due to the equipment seizing from oil starvation. Journal machining utilises orbital equipment and innovative techniques to service rotating machinery and ensure it is working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Why is on-site journal machining beneficial?

Whether a machine requires regular servicing or is experiencing an emergency problem, time is often of the essence. For this reason, it is often not efficient or logistically possible to transport the machine to a location to receive journal machining services. Also, the machine may be damaged in transport, causing even more problems for the machine's owner. On-site journal machining eradicates these problems and is much more cost-efficient.

Do you require journal machining services you can rely on?

Located in the Midlands but able to service the entire globe, In-Situ Machining Solutions offer specialist machining services for multiple industries and business sectors. If you have any questions about what journal machining is in more detail or have a query about any of the portable machining services we offer, do not hesitate to contact a member of our knowledgeable team today.

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