Early in 2017, In-Situ Machining were called to survey a passenger vessel which had suffered damage resulting in misalignment of the portside stern tube. In-Situ Machining confirmed that we could respond to the Line Boring requirements, even though space and access was limited. Bespoke equipment was designed and manufactured in house to carry out this task. The scope of in situ machining work consisted of aft and fwd bearing locations. Bore sizes approximately 200mm diameter with a distance of 6 metres between pockets. Aft bore comprised of 3 stepped bores, 1metre long. Fwd bore comprised of 2 stepped bores, 45cm long. Aft and fwd stern tube seal location faces were also machined. In-Situ Machining completed the job within the specified time constraints and within the initial fixed budget.

3mm cut on diameter

Boring in progress taking a 3mm cut on diameter

Boring completed of aft bearing housing

Boring completed of aft bearing housing

Fwd seal face after machining

Machining activities in progress

In situ machining of aft seal face

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