In-Situ Machining Solutions (UK) Ltd. at the request of a major Diesel engine manufacturer carried out an on-board machining exercise to repair the upper liner landing register bores of a V16 engine on behalf of a Caribbean ferry operator.

Due to excessive corrosion/erosion resulting in cracked cylinder liners, two Ø305 liner landing bores were machined 3mm oversize to accept in-stock oversize liners supplied by the OEM and also holes drilled, tapped and reamed in the top face of the cylinder block for liner locating plates.

The solution was to use one of the companies line boring machines adapted to suit the dimensions of the cylinder block. The machine was set to pre-determined reference points within each of the cylinder block liner locating areas to ensure that the machining work was carried out perfectly in line with the lower liner register bore and parallel to the axis of the crankshaft.

On completion of the work the new liners were fitted into the cylinder block to ensure that the correct fit was achieved. All work was carried out in conjunction with the OEM and the end user specification, inspected and passed off to their satisfaction, prior to our engineer demobilising from site in the Caribbean and returning to the UK.

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